Is there anything more traumatic than discovering that someone you loved and trusted has been cheating on you?

  In case of a spouse or a partner it is doubly traumatic as this relationship is based purely on trust.

 It so happened that I was listenong to a Marital therapist talk about this on the radio this morning and then this afternoon there was an item about an Irish minister whose wife has owned up to having an extra marital affair.

It is very easy to have the moral high ground and condemn such conduct. But we all are human and it is said that ito err is human.
Once I found a very close relative of mine in an embarrassing position with a friend of her husband, I was about six or seven years old but the image has stayed with me.Though I have never passed any judgement or lost respect for the lady.

Seriously though,our lives are so hectic these days, we have to work so closely with cpllegues, be away from home and work long hours and socialise.

We frequent social networking sites and spend a lot of time chatting with people we have never seen. So is it any surprise that we are attracted to someone other than your partner.

It also begs the question,as to why do we spend so much time on such sites chatting to strangers but we do not speak to our own? is it because familiarity breeds contempt, is it we don’t have anything to say to each other or because we don’t want to make an effort?

some will say that adultery is one of the deadly sins, most religions forbid it,and rightly so as it wrecks lives. Listening to one of the columnist talk about her pain,this morning, when her husband was having an affair, i do not want to trivialise it, but I can not help asking the question, should it be considered such a sin?

Does our life style these days make us more vulnerable when we have to work so hard and often on our own?

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