To say that am fed up is an understatement.

  Am on my own at the moment, my husband is away in India for a month,and am stuck in the house,just with the cat for the company,and the cat is sulking these days too!
Though I like my own company and enjoy reading, listening to music and being in my garden and with my plants, but I do other things too, but at the moment everything is just..well rubbish.

I was expecting a visit from a friend who lives in London, she was due to come on Sunday,I have to postpone that due to this weather.I was invited to a public meeting on a discussion,a cabinet minister was due to attend,that has to be cancelled.
My other friends live on the other side of the town,and neither of us can travel at the moment.
I wake up every morning to this blanket of snow, my drive way buried under snow and no way can I get my car out of the garage and drive,the road from in our close is packed with snow, tried going out for a walk and found that the snow was more than ankle deep and I have not got long boots just the ones up to my ankles. The gym has sent a text message telling me of their closure due to adverse weather! As if I didn’t know.

So the last few days I have spent,doing some writing, listening to radio, watching and trying to practice Yoga on the television,and talking to friends on the phone.

I have never spent such miserable and un -productive time in my life! Last time there was snow in 1981, I was very busy with a one year old daughter and a four year son,I have never been alone or redundant,and am going out of my mind.
Please tell me those of you who live in areas where it snows a lot, and who are used to being on their owm, what do youdo to stay sane?
All sugestions will be gratefully recieved,

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