We do take people for granted,especially the nearest and dearest one. Perhaps we don’t want to or don’t remember that life is short and before we know it it is over.
And it is only after someone is no more that you realise the worth and understand a great deal about the person. During their lifetime there are so many things which get in the way,your commitments, their stubbornness and the differences of opinion you have.

i think of my parents a lot more now than when they were alive, Ifelt quite sad that they were what I would have liked them to be.Then again I never stopped to think why!

i do know that my father became an angry man later in life, because he had toleave his chosen lifestyle and adopt the one chosen by his father,and he never forgave him for that. He would have liked to stay in the UK and marry the girl of his dreams. He also had to adopt to a culture he thought he has left behind.He did not conform to the traditions and rituals, he resented domesticity and perhaps was not ready for fatherhood ,when I was born.

His indifference and harsh criticisms were harder for my mother, who adored him and pandered to his every whim. But he was not a bad man, always kinder to animals than to humans! Selective of with whom he socialise and very loyal to his chosen friends. He had the turn of phrase, which can kill you,faster than any weapon.

I now feel that I should have made allownces for all what had shaped his life and made him what he was, rather than feeling intimidated by his behaviour.

I think that is the case in every wake of our lives, when something or someone annoys us, we are angry, hurt and want revenge, it is not often that one stops to think the reason for that persons behaviour, or the underlying caues for it.

that is human nature, and am no exception, there are things or people who have annoyed me and I have not spoken to them, or broken up a realtionship. I wish I have had the insight to stop and think too.
It is a shame that when we are confronted with anger we rarely have the time or the desire to step back and think about its reasons.
or as to why people behave the way they do. Life would be a lot simpler and we would get along better before it is too late.

It is a very hard thing to do,and I must say I have not done it often, if one can do it may be there  will not be so many conflicts and misunderstandings in life. And we will not have regrets after the chance is lost.

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