What is Yours?

  Do we give away what we are like by the choices we make?

 Well the supermarkets seem to fall over themselves by offering us loyalty cards,which record all our purchases in one full sweep, and then we are targeted by junk mail. selling us variations on the things we have bought,in various price ranges, perferably in a higer price range!

So what do we betray by our choices? Like the film we love ,our favourite books, authors and other public figures, like politicians, film stars and journalists.

It seems we do, so let us not be coy about it, and give others a glimpse of what we are about shall we?

May be we will understand more about our fellow bloggers and may be find things in common?

Let us try.

My favourites.

Films. Love Story
        Sheirely Valentine.

        The bridges of Maddison County.
         The Full Monty.

         The Italian Job.

          Ocean`s Eleven.

   Books. The ones I have read in the last few years and remember.

         Love in the time of Cholera.
         The Rectors wife.
         How to be goood.
         White Teeth
         The Kite Runner.

 So go on tell me about yours.


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