Human Spirit

 I have out and about and checking on my plants, despite the appalling weather everything has recovered. The Dogwood is so vibrant and the Daphne is flowering. The bulbs are poking through the ground and even the new ones I put in last autumn are now visible, as if they have made an extra effort to get through the hardship.
it makes you admire as to how resilient nature is. After all this snow and freeze which has left the ground rock hard, they little plants find the strength to poke their heads through.

I have also been watching the programmes about India on C4. The two documentaries about the slums were extremely well made. The presenter had spent a few days living in those slums under appalling conditions. There were hunger and deprivation and disease. But he was overwhelmed by how happy those people were, and how strong a sense of community they had.
Listening to the correspondent from Haiti, one was describing the people who were working in the hotel and other places where the journalists were staying. They described men and women who were facilitating their reporting by providing generators, laundry and other services. One of them had just buried his parents and another lady who had nowhere to live as her house has been destroyed.
And as the reporter said these people were with them and providing them with their needs and with a smile.

This made me wonder that why is it that the less people have the content they are. They laugh readily, they do not mind sharing their meager possessions with others, and they do not complain.
Human spirit it seems is not destroyed or repressed by hardships and disasters.

But what is it that makes unfortunate and deprived people share this spirit so readily? Something akin to plants trying harder to come through the hard and frozen ground.

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