Kids and Killings

  Am a bit of a news junkie.
I normally have the radio on in the background all the time, and have radios all around the house so am listening to something.I can work and concentrate better with the noise in the background.

Now a days however it is very hard to listen to the bulletins. Of course there is the human suffering of Haiti and the grim reality of our national debt.

All this is upsetting enough but what I found really hard to come to terms was the story of the two young boys, aged ten and eleven who tortured and nearly killed two other boys.The account of what they did to the other two makes you shudder.
I remember the case of Jamie Bulger,who was stoned to death by boys of similar age. I remember that the country was in shock at the time. How could someone so young be so calculating and cruel we asked ourselves. What came out of that case was the knowledge that those boys have been watching horror and cult movies and have tried the same technique of torture on little Jamie.
We were horrified.
These boys said to have been exposed to such films, and have been subjected to violence from an early age.And though they have been under social care,it looks as if their character has been formed.
I found it chilling when it was reported that when they were asked as to why they did what they did, one of them replied that “I was bored, there is nowt to do here”.
So torturing another human being is classed as a form of entertainment?

So if there are films which show violence in graphic details  should the young be allowed to watch them? Am a wimp anyway and I do not like watching any form of violence,but there is big market for them,am told that they are a kind of safety valve to let off our own anger,are they?

Am not entirely convinced,I sometime feel that they show people various ways to be aggressive.

I wonder how many of you agree with me, and who thinks that such films should be completely prohibited for the under 18s?

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