We meet a lot of people as we go through life.Good and bad and beautiful and ugly. So many as a matter of fact that we can not and do not remember many of the ones we have met.

Then again we do remember some people,even if we have had a brief encounter with them, sometimes the brief encounters change lives and sometimes they stay in our memory forever.

I remember my “Ayah” or the nanny who looked after me, there were several and i do not remember most of them. But this lady was with us when I was about school. A slight woman,dark skinned and with pox marks on her face. In those day small pox was endemic in India and very few poor families escaped it.Especially young children, as the vaccination was not available to everyone.
She wore her black hair in a plat,and was very ordinary looking. But I remember she had the most beautiful smile. which lit up her face and her eyes seem to smile too, a light filled them when she smiled.
She was the kindest and most caring person I have had the good fortune to know. She had her own child who stayed in the servants quarters with her mother in law,while she cared for me, someone else`s child.

She was never cross with me, she sang to me,told me stories and made sure that i was well fed. How it must have felt when her own child was eating left overs, here she was making sure that the child she was looking after had all these good things to eat.
I have met some other remarkable people since, a Hindu lady who made a huge difference to me, she was the most honest and selfless person and she really played a huge part in making me what i am today.And she never looked for thanks or ever expected anything in return. She used to say that favours can not be returned,they should always be forwarded.
Then there have been others,total strangers who made me feel at home when I arrived here, my next door neighbour who started me off in gardening, starting something which has become a passion and my life saver!

It does restores your faith in human nature, when you remember that each one of us have met someone, and in most cases many people who have made a difference to our lives.

The world is not full of evil beings, we do not have to be sad and suspicious all the time, I hope you agree.
It is “a wonderful world”,

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