What do you think?

 I have just listened to the most bizarre interview! Victoria Derbyshire interviewing Mhd Siddique Khan, the young man who has been released yesterday after serving two years of his sentence.

This young man has been released because the court throw out the conviction. Now am no lawyer but anyone listening to this interview will think twice as to why did he convince the courts otherwise.

Am told that the interview will be available from midday today at this link,please do listen to it to understand what am taking abou


He kept saying that he was curious and bored hence he looked at the videos of beheading and visited the sites which talked about bomb making. Allowing for the daft things we all do when young,I can understand to some extent his folly. But when some one texted during this conversation that he carried these videos down loaded on his mobile phone, his lawyer quickly intervened and accused the presenter of trying him!

There was no answer to why did he distributed this material,( the method of bomb making ) to others there was no answer, apart from being bored and having nothing to do!

As I have said earlier am no lawyer,and I have no access to what was submitted to the court that his conviction was thrown out. And am not contesting that, am purely concerned about the way the young man came across on the radio, and as this this was broadcast to the nation, I think we all have a right to draw our own conclusions.

This was however bizarre to say the least, the evidence was not in his favour and his responses and the aggression of the lawyer was alarming. Before anyone blames the media of trying him on radio,I think we have a right to hear what he had to say,which was not a lot in this case!

I feel that based on the radio interview am really at a loss to understand how the man will prove to be innocent,unless the lawyer is in attendance twenty four hours!

Please listen to the interview and I will be very interested to hear what your opinion is?


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