Ideal Woman?

 We have expressed our thoughts on what an ideal man should be,how about the ideal woman?

 I thought that it was a bit unfair that men should be scrutinised by us women and men will not be able to have their say.
 Somewhere men have said that they think an ideal woman should have blond hair,blue eyes,be slim and must be on a considerably lower salary than their husband/boy friend.

According to a poll of some sixty six thousand men,they would like their women to be slim,live on her own and occasionally wear glasses.
Some research also suggested that 54 per cent of men will not date anyone who earns more than £25,000.
 Intelligence was not a priority,but “she must be very good looking and have a wacky personality, and must be optimistic”!
And only 15 per cent of men will date a woman who was pessimistic or had a cynical outlook on life.

I know that the idea of beauty differs from one culture to another. In Asian culture men want their women to be demure, submissive,slim and fair and of course preferably be just a house wife, and having a better career or salary than her spouse is a big no no.
Africans like their women big and the Chinese like them to have tiny feet.
So what is it that our men like? Of course each one of them demands that she should be good in bed, I have an objection to it. It puts women squarely in the category of being a sex object.
Some also stipulate that she should ideally be a non smoker and drink alcohol occasionally.And the most preferred occupation is nursing or PR, and this really puzzled me, I wonder if anyone will explain.
Of course most men preferred women who had a medium build and not the size zeros.

The women who were questioned, expressed preference for a man who earns £60 000, drove a Mercedes and lived in house  worth £ 300000!
I Wonder if men , those who have been married for a while ,will be able to tell us as to what is the one most endearing quality in their women, and those who are divorced will tell us as to what it was which drove them to distraction?

It can become a very useful document you know!

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