Social network

Socialising these days is a different ball game.

Different to what it was when I was growing up. There was no television those days anyway, but my parents met up with friends several times a week. They always made sure that I met up with children of my own age. We were encouraged to visit them or invite them to our house to “play”.

Every evening almost someone or other dropped in, for a drink or my parents would go out to the club or to the cinema with their friends.

It was customary that when ever my father was posted to a new town, a list of the “gazetted officers” was provided, and we went visiting them to introduce ourselves and other new arrivals did the same. The first thing was finding out if there was a library in town and the other was to meet people.

I too did the same when I arrived in this country and whenever we moved , I too introduce myself to neighbours and people I worked with and invited them or was invited. Children were encouraged to make friends and visit each other and join in activities.

Communication and friendships were considered a very vital part of ones life.

But now we have a different way of communication.

It seems majority of us belong to one social networking site or other and all friendships are made there. We are reluctant to interact in person but prefer to deal with them on a mute system, and we often do it under a false identity. Which also provides us with a cloak to hide in if we want to call someone names.

I was reading of a case where someone wrote on their face book account that their neighbour was a paedophile. And printed their his name and the details of his work place. That man and his family were being threatened by a lot of others who took the statement to be correct.

So what has happened? Why we do not even know our next door neighbour ,but we have thousands of friends on our net working sites?

Are we lacking in social skills, moral courage ,that we can only communicate and befriend our fellow human beings when we are hidden behind mask?

So if we disagree with something we can throw insults at them,the sort we could never dare to if we were face to face.

And of course this creates such a world that we become more and more frightened to reveal our identities, we tell children too that they should never expose too much about themselves.

So am I being purely old fashioned and nostalgic when I say that I miss the old times when people had “real” friends? Who would ring up for a chat and would drop in for a cup of something, because we all are so busy keeping up the contacts in the cyber world that we have no time to dwell in the reality?

Is this the ideal way forward and should I just get over my nostalgia?

Am sure you will tell me.


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