So what are you doing this weekend?

The weekend is a very special part of our lives. Whether we are working or have given paid employment long ago,the arrival of the weekend heralds a feeling of freedom and makes us look forward to a couple of days which seem special.

Weekends or rather the wa we spend them change with our way of life too. When the children were young, they went to school on a Saturday too, so Sunday was the only lazy day. I always believed that Sundays were family days. We all would have a lie in and then I would cook a big lunch, and we would sit around the table long after the food was eaten. Just talking about the week just gone and the next one.

Later we would either play scrabble or some other board game,and then the evening will be spent getting the uniforms and other things ready for the next morning.
Friday is the best part,when the whole weekend seem to lie ahead. The possibilites seem endless, and before you know it is over!

Now my weekends are different, as am not in paid employment, but I still try and keep myself busy throughout the week, but come the weekend,it feels as if a key has been turned and am feelin  free.
The best part of Friday evening is for me is to settle down in front of the “Gardeners World”,with a glass of something and just get lost in the gardens and the planing for the next day.
Am happiest when I can spend my day in the garden tending to my plants.
sometimes the children come over or we go and visit them,or meet up with friends for Sunday lunch.
So before I know it is Sunday evening and a new week looms ahead.

Though life has changed but the weekends still remain a very special part of my life.

So tell me about yours?

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