A Rant !

   Please allow me a rant!

  It is in the news that the BBC is closing down a couple of radio stations and parts of its website to save money.

  The radio stations are BBC 6, and the Asian network.

 I have not listened much to BBC 6, but have been a regular listener, participant and critic of the Asia network.

 This station was set up in the early part of the 2003 or so and the reason given was that the BBC`s remit was to
cater for the whole population and they felt that the minorities were not being catered for.

Excuse me I said, but Asians are not the only minorities in this country, what about the Chinese,the Poles, The Gypsies and so on the list is endless.

Right from the start it was a digital station so not everyone could listen to it unless they had a digital radio,hence I too started to listen to it in the last three years or so after I acquired the right equipment.

It quickly became clear that the station was attracting a lot of bigots and racists who would rant on about the White British people, their women and culture, they would spout hatered about those Asians who have adopted the host culture and say openly that women should be slapped, girls and boys should be murdered if they dare to marry outside their religion and so on and so forth.
The presenters took an amused and relaxed stance and let them rant on as this made sensational radio.
I phoned in many times and complained, confronted the speaker and in the end wrote to the controller of that station, and also wrote a blog about it here and elsewhere.I never received a reply, but I was more or less banned from participating in the programme.
i went from being someone who was rang up almost everyday to be a paid guest on their phone ins to someone whose every communication was ignored.

But am not complaining about it,it is an editorial decision,and if they felt that my views were no longer relevant to their show,that is fine and I accept that.
But I have other reasons,and why I think this network should be abolished.
The corporation spend nearly 8.7 million on it.

2.It is divisive, it creates a culture of them and us, and segregates people.

3. There is no incentive to learn the language, if people are entertained and informed in their mother tongue. The net work broadcasts in nearly 5-6 different dialects, covering most regions of India and Pakistan.
4.It only caters for one section of the minorities in this country, and this minority is very well catered for by the commercial channels.
There are hundreds of commercial radio stations,based in Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and London and not to mention the hundreds of Asian t.v.channels which which are available. Their contents are dire too, with no control over what can be beamed into our houses.
But then that is the subject of another blog!
I hope you will agree with me.

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