Something Different.


Every time I have logged on, these last few days,these pages have been full of blogs full of insults, there seems to be a few people who constantly bicker with each other.

It looks as if they can not live with each other, nor can they live without,the poor MT is caught in between, accusations and insults fly around and pages are filled by name calling.

The fact that these pages are seen all over the world does not seem to deter them, to an outsider it looks like play ground stuff, with “he started it”!

Please Gentlemen,get a grip and at least for a while stay out of each others way for a while, am not sure about you but it will give all of us a breathing space.
How about giving it up for Lent?

Anyway if anyone wants to read and exchange views about something other than arguments then here is a little something.

Academics claim that they have discovered the secret to married bliss!

The bride should be five years younger than her groom,from the same cultural background, and be the more intelligent of the couple!

The newspaper,(our own DT) sites the example of our own Queen,and says that it applies in several ways to her and the Duke.

Well can any of you agree with this? Well am about four years younger than my husband,and am not sure if am the more intelligent, but I wonder if any of you are.
Fact is that women do have a lot more common sense, can tackle many issues,(sometimes all at once)are better at maintaining relationships.

Over to you!

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