Do We Need To Know?

  Do you have a right to know?

Am talking of John Venables of course, the man who killed a toddler, when he was ten years old.

The”. question is do we have a right to know as to why he is behind bars again,even if this disclosure might identify him?

We as tax payers have nothing to gain if his cover is blown, as he will be given a new identity at a vast expense to us again.

I remember when the crime happened,we as a nation were outraged,traumatised and saddened. The boys were convicted in an adult court,and the judge at the time declared they were found guilty of “un paralleled evil and barbarity” and as it was said at the time that those words were totally in comprehensible to those boys with their limited vocabulary and intelligence.

They were released after spending eight years in the prison and were given a new identity.I can not imagine how the mother of James Bulger felt, most of the public was outraged too, because so much money was spent on their rehabilitation.
Am wondering what could be the alternative? Should they have been left in the goal for the rest of their lives, swelling the population in prisons, or should they been just released in the community without giving them a new identity? Can you imagine how any community would have lived with such ex criminals? There would be arson attacks, abuse and other attacks and how would their innocent neighbours would cope with this? And where do you house them under their own identity?

so why all this interest? Is this not enough that we know that where ever he is ,he is under supervision and the law has taken due course, and he is back in custody.
I can imagine that the tabloid reporters are,as we speak rushing around with cheque books trying to find any clue which will identify the crime he has committed and that will identify him. Is it not enough that he is in custody and the will be punished for what ever it is that he has done. Our knowing it and being further horrified would not serve any useful purpose.

I for one am at a loss to know as to what will we do with the information? The tabloids will sell thousands of copies giving the details and we will be once again outraged and then what?

Is it not reasonable to let the justice take its course,and those who are charged to do the job get on with it without us wanting to know every detail?
I may be totally wrong in my thinking,but this is my opinion and I want to know as to what is yours?

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