Things to do ….

before you die!
  It is said that we all have certain secret desires and ambitions,which get buried under the pressures of life.

We all get bogged down with mortgages, matrimony and parenthood,and by the time we emerge from this,having fulfilled  our obligations, our lives have moved on.

 It is said that given a chance we all would like to fulfill those dreams and desires before our life is over.

 I was wondering if it is true, have you ever stopped to think that if you were given a chance what would you like to do?
 Like they say the 100 things to do before we die!

 What will they be?

 I would like to travel some more, there is a lot in the world I have not see, From the great wall of China to the cherry blossom in Japan, the table mountain in South Africa and beaches and the flowers of Hawaii.

I would also like to be drive in a sport car around those hairpin bends of Monaco, eat food cooked especially for me on a beach.
Have one of those magical spa treatments in one of the beautiful countries like Thailand or Singapore and spend a week just doing nothing and being pampered.

What are you going to do ?

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