Not the easiest job in the world in my opinion.

Every year we are bombarded with messages telling us not to forget mothers day, and all the flowers and chocolates etc;,I find that such aggressive marketing is quite insensitive.
How about those of us who have lost our mothers,and those mothers who have lost their children,this in your face advertising can get hard to ignore and can be painful to some.

Anyway I was saying what is being a mother means? In my opinion it means being very patient,and continue to love your children and be there,however they behave.

Being a mother also involves various stages of relationship with your children, you start off by being someone they look up to,depend upon and want to snuggle up to. Until the teenage years when you are at times considered enemy number one if you insist on not buying that top/permitting them to go a certain party or generally suggesting something different,to what their demands are!

Once you are the mother of adults,the relationship changes again,mostly you are laughed at, your computer skills and the slow speed you have in writing a text message is a constant source of amusement. Your dress sense is embarrassing and your friends are all too old! Your driving skills are not good and your sense of direction is dodgy!

But then comes mothers day,and all is forgotten,for one day you are made to feel special. Flowers and presents and phone calls from afar,you feel a million dollars,but you know in your heart that this is not going to last!

So anyway, all of you enjoy the day,it will pass a bit too quickly!!

And here are some of my plants to wish all of you others a happy mothers day.

And Christina if you are looking in, here are some of your flowers and am thinking of you.

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