The Things you….

You hate most?

All right may be hate is a strong word,but what are the things you intensly dislike?

Perhaps what we dislike says as much about us as the things we do like. If we dislike a political party,then we become the followers of the opposition and have labels attached to us,according to the allaince.

Then there is our taste in food,cars places,music and clothes. The list is endless,what we choose makes us what we are.

But what about our dislikes?

Sometimes we dislike something because there is reason,others we dont like the look of, and some..we just do!

If asked why we hate such and such or someone,often there is no answer. Our dislike is based on prejudice, envy or sometimes it is just baseless.

Well that too is a part of our make up,they way we are.

Sometimes one has to ask as to why we dislike people of a certain type, or nationality or build or area,am sure most of us will say that we just do!

Anyway here is my list of dislikes,make what you will as to what this says about me!

1. The little adhesive labels we get on fruits, giving us the name of the firm which has picked/packed and maketed that fruit.

I have a reason for disliking those, they stick to everything and everywhere,especially to a clean floor after you have just cleaned them.

2. The smell pf petrol,and to fill the car.

3. Cleaning the cooker after preparing food,especially curries.

4. People who pepper their sentences with “you know”. No I don’t.

5. Politicians,when they dodge the question and follow their own agenda,while answering a question.

6.Men who think they are God`s gift to women,and think that every woman they meet will fall for them.Thankfully there are not too many of those about.

So tell me what are your top hates and why?


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