Casting the first stone

 Did you hear Jeff Hoon this morning,doing the rounds of the radio stations to say sorry?

 It was cringe worthy to say the least,but even more unbelievable were the calls from the members of the public,in a phone in which followed.

Everyone was calling him all sorts of names and were on their moral high horse. Am not for a minute suggesting that what he did was right,or that it does not undermine our trust in politics and our elected politicians.Nor am defending the current government,to which Mr Hoon belongs.

But just detach yourself from the politics and the party, and just try and think that if we were in the similar position how would we behave?

Am not sure that we should expect super human behaviour from anyone, be it celebrities,politicians or the royal family.
Mrs Thatcher was for all her moral superiority was once blamed for using her influence to secure a contract for her son. No politician has spent a whiter than white life,it is only that now a days there is more scrutiny on their behaviour.
Besides this was a covert operation and an entrapment,the police are not allowed to use such techniques and such evidence is not admissble in a court of law, so how come that a television channel can conduct such an operation and just destroy the reputation of those concerned.

Am not defending the individuals concerned but I would like to question the way it was done, and the people who come on the radio and call the people “filth”? By the way our Mandy used a similar phrase on Newsnight, calling it all “murky”and filthy!
I just burst out laughing,to hear the prince of darkenss, who had to resign twice with allegations of bribe taking and wrong doing get on the moral high ground!

Is it the same mentality which makes people come on the radio and make similar statements?

If we were in a similar position, would we have behaved very differently? Is it always easier to point a finger at another, and should we, at all have some sympathy for Mr Hoon if he is asking for our forgiveness?

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