Spring Watch!



On this grey and rather chilly afternoon here are a few pictures | took in the last few weeks.

My Camellia is flowering its heart out, in this gloom when there is little colour around,this looks very cheerful coming in to the house,as it is by the gate.

On Mothers Day I came down to this wonderful sight. As these belong to Christina`s  late son,I always feel delighted when her/his flowers bloom on Mothers day,

So Tina this is for you.

Talking of which these are the Orchids which were sent to me by my son,who is at presnt  is in Sydney Australia.

This Daphne which I rescued and carried it back from Cmbridge,is flowering its heart out by my front door. Despite its reputation that it does not take to transplanting. Its perfume is amazing,and even the postman has remarked!

Here is a view of my conservatory, my haven and winter escape.

Please post pictures of what is flowering in your garden now?  it will be good to get an over view of what is flowring where!

I felt it might brighten  up this dull afternoon.

You can post them here or tell us,about the colour in your part of the wold.

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