The famous guide to manners Debrett`s have just published a guide called “Thoroughly modern motoring manners”,it tells how you should behave as a driver and a passengers.
I thought this was a good thing,and it sets rather high standards too. Though I do consider British drivers to be civilised, courteous and patient,compared to some other rnationalities,I was rather taken abck when i read as to what this guide wants them to be!

For example on  Chivalry it says;

“A chivalrous man will ensure that his female passenger is comfortable before the journey begins. He should offer to take her coat, check that her seat is adjusted and be sure that the temperature is to her liking!”

Hmm I thought, as someone said,if a man opens a car door for a woman,either the car or the woman is new!
I have no recollection of having the car door opened for me ever. Perhaps it does not apply to husbands!

There are quite a few rules for the passengers too,on how to get into the car!

“Smooth down your skirt. Keeping your knees together, swivel your body and swing your legs outwards. Place one foot down, keeping your knees together. Dip your head and shoulders forward and slide and glide out of the car.”rs

And about how not to be a back seat/passenger seat driver and how not to startle/upset the driver.

Am sure all you men are just as chivallrous as they ask you to be and all the ladies are a picture of grace and charm.
So go on tell me what really what and who angers you most when you are either the driver or the passenger and if you were compiling such a book what will you include?

And while you at it, if such a book was compiled for this blog site what will you write? And what makes you angry here and you would want others to stop doing it?

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