So what is where is home?
The old saying goes that it is where the heart is,which perhaps means that it is the place where you feel happy and at ease.
We all have more than one “home” in our lifetime. Some by choice and some due to other reasons.The longest period we spend in one place is our parental home,but then again comes a time when we have to leave it and start setting up another one.

My parents never stayed in one place for very long. My father was posted to various States in India,India is a very diverse country. Each state has its own culture and language and customs. So I had to quickly learn the ways of the new place.My mother though decorated and furnished the house in her own style,as the furniture and other effects were transported with us.

Each place had its own charm and I used to get quite excited about the prospect of moving to a new place. Home just meant,being with my parents and of course the nanny who looked after me from childhood always travelled with us. That was enough continuity for me and whereever we went it became “home”.

I often wonder about people who as adults have to uproot themselves and set up home in far away land, due to jobs or some like to retire or live in sunnier climes.

I was listening to an interview with a refugee,who has fled from Iran and is an asylum seeker here. She was very sad and said that she can not call this country her home as she has established no connection with this country.

When, she said the natives look you in the eye and tell you to go away,then how can she establish any connection with this land. I felt really sad for her. Am sure there are a lot of people around who feel this way.

Have any of you ever felt that you do not belong in a place you live? And what are the factors which contribute to this feeling?
I wonder if it helps to find the things you can adopt than the ones which separate you,If one can find something which you can adopt as your own and build the rest around it,and that could make you feel at home.

In my case it was the soil! I found that the soil here was very fertile,and it rewarded my amateur and feeble efforts of growing things with great generosity.

I was hooked and the rest was easy. For the first time in my life I was able to find a connection and I felt that I have found my home. The rest followed.
So,  in your opinion what makes a home? How difficult or easy it is to make a new place feel like one, and what are the things which make it easy?

And why it is that some people find that they are unable to call a place home?


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