Hello Sunshine!

  What a difference sunshine makes!

 We have had the hardest winter in thirty years, the drizzle and the gloom has stretched way beyond march and into April, and all our spring flowers have been hesitant to venture out .

Until last week we were watching reports of snow in some parts of the country and the wind over the Easter break was positively piercing.

And then from the last two days, we have wall to wall sunshine! The flowers in my garden are pushing ahead and the birds are singing. And the butterflies and the bees have appeared too.

We as a nation are suddenly feeling pleased with the world. Though not much has changed and our Prime minister still has the capacity to make us wince and angry,but for now, he can stay. Am quite happy to not turn on the t.v. or the radio for news but just listen to some music or drama.

I have spent yesterday afternoon sitting in the garden chatting to friends and sipping tea, and today we even had our lunch on the patio. Our cat has abandoned his place by the foot of our bed and is stretched out on the lawn, opening one eye occasionally to observe the twittering birds.

The Clivia and the Hibiscus in my conservatory have opened and the Gardenia has filled the space with its heady perfume.

It is strange that though I grew up always avoiding the sun in India,and always rejoiced when clouds brought a cool breeze and a possibility of rain, now I come alive when the sun is out!

So please enjoy this glorious weather, I feel that there should be a national holiday on the first sunny days of the  spring. We forget our political and other differences and rejoice simply because our country is bathed in this glorious sunshine.

I hope you are going to make most of it, so all it remains for me to wish you a sunny and enjoyable weekend,and may be you will share your plans with us as to what you will be doing to make the most of this lovely weather.

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