Love and Marriage

  Did you read that Elizabeth Taylor is to marry for the 9th time?

  I was not sure what to make of it. Marriage in my opinion is not easy. Two people with very different temperaments
  and attitudes have to spend life together, raise children and more or less adopt each others families.

 Attitudes to marriage differ, in the east marriages are considered the only way forward for women. Despite the rise in education and employment of females, marriage and motherhood is still considered their primary role. Parents feel an overwhelming sense of relief when their daughters are married off.

the vows and the responsibility are taken very seriously.

I often wonder what percentage of married couples remain as much in love and harmony, as when the start their life as a couple, and how much of it is what is known as a habit? There is security in numbers and you just get through life?

What should an ideal? Should you both become one in thought and manner? Agree and accept what the other says or does, or should you be two people sharing  house and some children but completely opposed in your thinking?

Surely that requires a huge sacrifice on the part of the one partner,and why shpould one person go on doing it. Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage, and if it is then,or is it more a case of constant adjustments and sacrifices,or else a divorce.

I often wonder what makes people repeat the process,is it a desire ti find the perfect match,the eternal happiness,or is it because we do not want to be on our own/

I wonder what is the attraction in Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s case?


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