Erotic Capital?

    This an election free zone!

   I know, it is important and we should be doing our bit,but there are a lot of you who are well informed,articulate and can and do debate these issuse very well, so if you all will excuse me I shall stick to my trivia!

So having got that out of the way,I will continue.

I read in today’s paper that a doctor of sociology at the LSE (London School of Economics), has written a paper to the effect that we all have an “erotic capital”which is worth cashing in!

According to this report, if you have this factor you can” expect to earn 10-15 percent more and can also be more successful”.

Long time ago when I was young and reasonable to look at, there was someone who wanted to date me, yes I know you might find it hard to believe now, a long marriage and two children have taken their toll.
He used to say that I had an “it quality”. I never understood what he meant,but reading this today it reminded me that there might have been a method in his madness!

So in today’s scientific research what is it that gives you that quality, according to the author,though appearance is very important, but other qualities like being lively, interested in people, physically fit and having intelligence and compassion are all part of that special quality.

Hm-mm, am coming round to this idea.Sometimes one can display one`s personality by being on the page.The way you write can sometime create an image of you which is either erotic and attractive.

So looking around here I think women like Ana, Bubbles, WW, Cymbeline, Janh, Squarepeg and Plum Tart,to name a few have those qualities in abundance. They are attractive ,and lively. Then there are men too,  Locksmith, Jack, Amicus, Attila, Ferret,and Mark Cole ,and of course Dracula, seem to have it. And among those who are no longer here, Elle, John Mackie, Terrible Turk come to mind,though am sure there are many others I can not remember the names right now!

So how about you? Do you think there is such a thing as an Erotic capital, and have you met someone who has loads of it and how would you recognise it.

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