Election Fever

  I have been debating with myself,if I should write a blog at all?
In the week before the polling day the Internet and the media is buzzing with intelligent and fierce debate. There are supporters and oppose rs of all the political parties and everyone wants to have their say! They all are very well informed and clever, have minute by minute commentary of all the political developments and are ready to shoot down anyone who has a different point of view.

I wonder how many friendships and other relationships are sacrificed on this altar,loyalty to a party indeed evokes very strong emotions.The commentators are trying to outdo each other by giving us higher and higher figures of the debt we all will have to pay.I cant add up anyway,and even the number of zeros involved in the national debt are beyond my comprehension, but there is enough predictions of doom,that you almost give up the hope of ever having enough money to do anything  good with your life ever!

But as I say am not well informed, but feel that once the election is over and the new prime minister gets busy in moving in,and life returns to normal, we will go back to our daily lives and the usual visits to the super markets, search for our summer holidays and the daily grind of domesticity, but then again I could be very wrong.

And then there is Immigration!
Ah for a minute I forgot that am one too.Cry

I had to remind myself of this fact,before I could start calling them all scroungers and free loaders.all they do is take from us,we are told. I should believe that because the politicians tell us,or the press does.

I was about to say the same, and then it reminded me that I might have, as an immigrant,have contributed something too.For example we have as a family never ever claimed any benefit, worked in the NHS all our lives,provided the country with two bright and achieving young people ,who are doing very well in education and the NHS respectively.
I have constantly been giving my time and effort to the community I live in. There are quite a few voluntary organisations in the town am involved with as well as the police and the NHS,and the Royal Commonwealth society and the national charity HOST.
of course the policy of the government has been bad and we have had a lot of immigrants come into the country,but do they all deserve our contempt? I do know that for immigration to be successful we need a host country which welcomes then and the new comers who want to integrate. So far the host country has been welcoming there is no doubt,and the problem has started when there have been communities who have segregated themselves. Listen to what is said and it sounds as if it is just the foriegners who are responsible for all the ills in our country.

Am in no position to tell anyone how they should react to any issue,but I want to feel that because it is election time,and all our emotions are being whipped up,because the politicians want us to believe in their solution,let us not forget what this country and the British people are famous for, sense of justice,fair play,and being ration and keeping our cool when the rest are losing it.
Nuff said!Smile

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