Something for a rainy evening?

It has been wet all day, we did have a little bit of respite so I have been out and done weeding and a bit of tidying up.

There is nothing on the television, and I have finished the book I was reading. Looking at the front page ,I see that there has have been very few blogs all day today.

It is more politics, and arguments about politics! So am wondering if there is anyone out there who is fed up with politics and would like to suggest a different topic we could talk about.

For example, Ped could give us the benefit of his doubt and tell us how we can,and if we can save our archive?

Soutie or OZ if they are looking in can tell us what is happening in the cyber space and what is the weather doing where  they are.

Jamie M can tell us something amazing and philosophical .

Bubbles could produce some current news item for us to argue about.

Where are some others, like JW,Christina, Shermeen, Ferret, John Smith, Adam, Cymbeline,Tigerbrite, WW,  and others.

Can any one start a topic we can discuss,or have a laugh about?


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