Oh it has been a strange day today!

Anyway Cameron has at last now gone home after campaigning non stop for 36 hours, Brown must have collapsed in a chair after being on the campaign trail since five in the morning. And our Nick has gone home after getting hoarse to tell us that we should follow our “heart”.

So it is now upto us.

Whatever our doubts or fears,we have to now go and do our civic duty and choose the man or men who will be incharge of our country and our politics for a while.

Well am off to have my hair cut first thing in the morning,I shall vote on my way into the town. Then am going to do some checking of numbers at a polling station for a few hours and in the evening joining a Lib-dem friend for drinks.

Tomorrow by this time we will have some idea as to which way the country hs voted,and some of us will be happy and some will sad that their side has lost.

So all of you go well and hope your side wins,but someone has to lose,it is after all politics.

Oh and it has been nice to have old friends back, I have spotted Brendano,Cymbeline and john Mitchell ,so welcome back floks.Tongue out


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