Life and other things

Welcome MT

How lovely to see you back MT, God knows I have missed you.

I have never been a person who stayed glued to the computer, never do much with face book or keep up with twittering.But somehow I stumbled on this site,now three years ago and stayed,and now am hooked.

I suppose I have a weakness for knowing what others are saying about everything. Good or bad it is engaging and I want my share of it every day.

I expect this site will go down in history,as a unique social experiment. A microcosm of  Britain. Varied and interesting views. I feel we all know each other, like neighbours or friends,we have  in real life.

I missed the robust discussions on the current affairs, the glimpses of  our gardens and our lives. Poetry,or rather the attempts at it and the teasing and the arguments.

Oh what a  magic you have weaved, MT you have all of us in your claws and am so pleased that you are back.

Long may you live.

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