Being Beautifull

Can beauty be a disadvantage? Surely not We all spend all this money and effort to look good.  It is assumed that if you look good you are better received in the world.After all all,or most of the worlds successful people are good to look at.

I was quite surprised to read about this Spanish beauty who was sacked from a business because she looked good and dressed smartly. The reason was that her figure was “distracting” the management! It is an extreme irony that when women (and men) go to great lengths to acquire a great figure and then they can not show it off.  Why is it that if a man or a woman are very good looking it is assumed that they are not competent? I must admit that I am guilty of this assumption. All right in my case it might be envy. When the first time I saw the picture of Celia Walden,the Telegraph journalist,who is stunningly beautiful;I muttered to myself that she has her photo in the paper because she is so pretty. Am sure she is not much of a journalist,I muttered darkly. But after reading quite a few of her articles am full of admiration. Sorry Celia I owe you an apology.

Is it because the combination of brains and looks rare,or is it envy or just pure generalisation? It is a shame though that an industry which i worth billions of pounds,and sells us the dream of looking and feeling good,can turn us into failures too. And that is after we have achieved the desired looks too.

Shame or what

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