This is it Folks.

I have been unable to post a comment since Sunday. I have posted to this effect,and written to Kate,but have not had any reply.

I can only comment via twitter. I have had an account on that site for a couple of years, and only drop in there once a month or so. Just idle chit chat somehow does not appeal to me. Not there is anything wrong with it,but I like talking to people here. It appeals to me .

So it is not satisfactory that I should continue to comment through twitter, they get over subscribed and the comments from here  appear on that site too, Which I find annoying,as in my humble opinion ,they are two very different sites, and the people on these sites are very different too.

Some of you  might tell me to get a life, or stop whining !Or will tell me that this is a free site ,and am not  anyone one important. True on all counts Am just someone who got a bit attached to this place and the people.I thought and still think that you all are great people,and we are a great community of like minded people.

But I find it very frustrating that something  like this, a minor fault in my opinion can not be mended,nor anyone of the moderators have said a word.despite my comments on Damian and Kates blogs.

So you are right,I must stop feeling that I in anyway deserve an explanation,this is a free site and there are thousands visiting,and that is what the Telegraph wants! I must stop feeling frustrated . Who do I think I am?

OK Folks, I will not be able to comment,but will visit it now and then and may be come back in few months time when this site has settled down.

May be.

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