In the last few days I have experienced what it is like,not to have a voice.

Firstly for the last fortnight or so,there was some fault on my account here,which meant that I cold not comment here. I could read and even write a blog, but there was no comment box,which felt as if I had no opinion or I was told to shut up!

And then since Thursday I have had a virus of some kind which has attacked my throat and my voice box. I have had no voice for a couple of days,now though the pain has subsided but my voice is very croaky and low.

It is strange how we take things for granted,even our own bodies,but once something is taken away from you then you suddenly realise what you are missing. Not having a voice is quite frightening and claustrophobic I felt. I would suddenly feel panicky and wonder if I will never get my voice back,or how would I summon help should I need it. Am quite content to be on my own for hours,either in the garden or if am doing something.It never worried me ,but not being able to speak was something else all together.

We are so lucky to live in a country where we can freely express our opinions and debate them.No subject is prohibited. There are places though where such freedom can only be dreamt about. In the India of my childhood,I remember my father used to buy a certain newspaper called “Current” and one called the “Blitz”.They both were published and distributed secretly,because they criticised the then government and the PM,(it was Nehru in those days). But now the sub continent has news papers which criticise the governments openly.

We humans want to have the freedom,to express ourselves in whichever way we can, suppression only breeds fear and resentment and anger, as I have experienced.

Even if it is a virus which has invaded your speech!

Anyway how are you all,you have the freedom so tell me .

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