Changing Computers

So at last I have done it folks!

My laptop has been giving me trouble for a while,it would not charge properly,unless you twisted and jeld the cable in a certain way,at one stage it stopped altogether. So I purchased a new battery as it kept flashing “change battery”, and a new cable. I worked fine when it charged,but that was not always the case. It is a Fujitso Siemen and about four years old.

I have been toying with the idea of buying an iphone for a while,but I still needed a laptop for the other writing and work i do. now am told that a Mac book pro has been ordered for me as an early birthday present and is due to arrive by end of next week or so.

Am thrilled about this but at the same time am quite scared as well, i know nothing about the Mac, a completly new ball game for me. So am here to ask those of you who have this machine. I know it is very good but is it easy to use? And do I need a new verson of AOL for it?

The shop i took my old computer to be seen to has said that he can transfer the data on a few CDs,then it seems i can just insert it in my new computer,is it really as easy as that?

Are there any dos and donts i should know about ? I would very much appreciate your input.I know there are some very knowledgeable people here as far as computing goes,but there are some seasoned Apple users here too. I know that Bubbles, Badger and John Smith have a Mac,as they have often talked about it. But I will really appreciate advise.

Thank you.

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