Being Ordinary

I have just been reading a blog on the main site by Douglas Murray,he talks about his dislike of Ms Alibhai Brown and Diane Abbot. In goes out of his way to convince us that it is not their colour or their gender which he dislikes but their attitudes.

I must say that  I agree. Once upon a time there was not a single programme on the BBC which did not have Ms Brown spouting her wisdom. The lady has a most irritating voice,and though at times she is quite amusing to read, she is highly irritating to listen to.

Being a woman of Asian origin myself(sorry Mr Murray), I have found those women highly irritating and at times embarrassing. The culture of victimhood is something which is encouraged sometime,especially by the media. I expect they are so keen to have the opinions of the women from ethnic minority,that they lap up and pursue them. Ms Brown had a habit of provoking arguments,not debate but blame and counter blame. I think the last straw was when she was on “Question Time” soon after 9/11 and started a fight with the American Ambassador. There were thousands of complaints,and I have been a regular writer to the BBC about her anyway.

I wanted her and others like her to know that not all of us who have adopted this country as our own,want people like her to constantly moan and complaint on our behalf,nor do we want to be seen as victim. I have always maintained that I can and do speak up for myself, and could she please mind her own business.

This attitude of segregating ourselves,constantly considering one to be under attack has been one big factor,in a lot of people being paranoid about each other.

So please Ms Abbot and Ms Brown,leave us to fight our own battles,and find our own place in the society,which still is the most tolerant and just.

And Mr Murray,you do not have to be apologetic just because these ladies have a different colour,one can like or dislike a person without having to explain the reason. All I want is to be like everyone else,not exclusive,or different or special.

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