Book Recomendations

So it is summer time and the living is easy! I find I read more books in summer than I do any other time of the year. In winter it is necessary to keep moving to keep warm,but I can collapse on my hammock, put the sun shade on and settle with a book.

Then at this time of the year the newspapers and magazines are full of recommendations for holiday readings. perhaps we could have a sort of book club on these pages, and suggest books. The ones we have read and liked ,or the ones we have heard about and intend to read, and give people the reason for our choice.

So here are mine.

Am reading three books at the moment! I read one at bed time, one in the afternoon or whenever I get a chance and there is one which is exclusively for garden use.

The bedtime book is “Second Honeymoon” by Joanna Trollope. It is a light weight and entertaining book. Joanna has a unique way of story telling. she gets under the skin of her characters. They are every day life stories, engagingly told. This is a story about a woman who just can not get over,her children leaving home. She longs for them to come back and when due to unforeseen circumstances ,when they do,she finds that it is not the ideal life whe was dreaming off. It is punchy and effective.

The other book is the booker prize winner “The Heritage of Loss” by Kiran Desai. It is not that absorbing. It continues the trend of Booker winners,that it is set in India. Perhaps that is the wining formula.I feel that someone like Miss Desai,can not be given credit for writing in such detail about that country as,she was born there,and has the first hand knowledge.It is a story of Nepalese insurgency and a blossoming romance .Set in a remote part it is partly entertaining,but most of the time I felt that the story moved at a very slow pace.

My third and most entertaining book is “Moonshine” by that master of comic writing PG Woodhouse. What can I say, every page makes me laugh out loud. It is another tale of the Blanding Castle,and formidable Aunts, of farces and misunderstanding. Of an age which was charming and eccentric.

I would recommend it .

So here are my choices,what are yurs and what are you reading?


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