Lest we forget.

I watched a documentary about that fateful day, about miracles. There were far too many coincidences that day,which saved many lives. Things which defy logic and one can not offer a logical explanation. But un-explained never the same.

Like a fourteen year old boy who was travelling on his own for the first time on the underground. His journey started with feeling so pleased with himself for doing it,and the next minute he was in a nightmare scenario. And he met this lady who suddenly appeared and held him and comforted him when he was injured and afraid. He called her an Angel. Perhaps she was.

The university lecturer who had a big suitcase with him as he was returning from Australia, and as he sat shielded with it, it became his life saver. The No 30 bus,which had to be diverted via Russell Square,and the bomb exploded right in front of the office of the British Medical association. Where there were quite a few highly qualified doctors,and a trained commander for major incidents. He took immediate command and was instrumental in saving many many lives. The one fire engine which managed to get to the scene. The police rider who arrived with a load of intra venous fluids, just in time, and despite the road closures,when the doctors present were giving up hope of saving any more injured.

Am also mindful of the families and the loved ones of the bombers. The misguided and misled young men,who have given their loved ones a life sentence,of living with that shame . And the poor innocent man who was shot dead in the aftermath and the mayhem of this incident.

That year was a significant one for me, I spoke to my father soon after the news of the bombing broke, he was anxious and rang me. And that was the last time we spoke to each other. Because Dad suddenly passed away on the 1st of August that year.  I was anxious for my son,who lives in Cambridge and is a frequent traveller to Kings Cross,and so is my daughter in law. Who was lecturing at Kings College in London that day,but luckily was due to go in the afternoon.

I will never reconcile with the idea that two wrongs make one right. There are excesses and atrocities in the world, but is the right way to solve them to take more innocent lives? Never in my opinion. I have watched parents in that documentary,who have lost daughters and sons who were in their twenties.

And the family of one young woman,who have used the compensation money,and have raised funds to open a treatment centre in India,for children who are blind or suffer with other conditions of the sight. It takes courage and generosity of spirit to do something so generous,after suffering  such a huge personal loss,and that too in a foreign country.

There is so much goodness in everyone, which is not always approached. Blame and counter blame does nothing for anyone.

I wondered if any of you remember where you were and what were you doing that day.

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