In our Time.

Do you wonder what will we and the age we live in will be remember for?

I do.

Watching a documentary on C4 the other day,it painted a sad picture of our young girls. Many school girls were asked what was it that they most wanted, and all of them wanted, “large boobs”, liposuction and nose jobs. 82% of young women said that they wanted to be like the model Jordan/ Katie Price.  I found it really sad that the girls feel they should be judged on their breast and flat tummies. Can aspirations get any lower?

i also feel that there is so much emphasis and need to show off ones body that women,and young girls are facing grave dangers just to attract attention and show their flesh. Am glad my children have grown up, I will be worried if this was the trend in growing young women and men.

The television has such power over our lives that anyone who can be seen on the box,instantly becomes someone noteworthy and role model. Whatever the reason for their appearance. The 24 hour news channels cover a story to death. Covering every aspect of their lives and getting all kinds of so called experts.  And of course the culprit is instantly a television star.

It has become a trend to write a tell all book as soon as one steps down from office/divorces or falls out with a so called friend.

Loyalty and integrity? of course those are empty words when there is a lot of money to be made,and of course get some instant fame. But it is true that it is all of us who encourage this,if we did not buy these so called tell all books then there will not be so much demand for them.

Some call the man who killed and maimed a hero, it is sacrilege to use that word for someone like that, what will we call the true heros,the brave men from my town ,Eleven of them from the forty Commandoes who have lost their lives ,fighting a war in our name. They have not craved fame,nor have received it, and their families and friends who have seen their young lives cut down in their prime.

There are things we have a right to be proud of , and look up to and being a cheap glamour model or reality show participant is not one of them.

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