Free to Write.

I read a very interesting article in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

Jenny McCartney wondered about the Facebook page about Moat which attracted 38,000 members. I think a lot has been said and discussed about this topic and am not about talk about it again.

But the question is raises is that before or so far we had the print and the television,as the media. They were responsible for bringing us the news,the views and the opinions. You could write a letter to the editor, and he will more often put it in the dust bin if the contents were in any way objectionable, and the radio phone -ins and the television producers followed the same rule. Everything you wrote or said has to be legal, decent and within the bounds of decency. Or they would pull the plug out.

The same still does happen, we have the press complaints commission , and the OFCOM who monitor the airwaves.

But we have a very big change and freedom to say what we want now.

INTERNET, it has “democratised” discussions.

And as Jenny M puts it,allowing from” a witty and lonely housewife, to a blooging monk can share their thoughts with the world”. It has “given voice to every embittered,misanthropic lunatic with access to a computer”.

It is said that the  speed of the internet and often the “frequent absence ” of moderating influence means that according to the author the nation has “developed a collective Tourette’s Syndrome”.

One can say that you do not have to read what you do not want to,and I often do not,but the fact remains that one can say what one wants on the electronic media.

Talking of our page we shun those who allegedly report others,may be rightly so. It is the old syndrome of “telling on you” or running to the teacher. But where do we draw a line? I read today that a stalker took nude pictures of a news reader and published them on the internet.

Today when the Prime Minister is talking about the big society,how do we respond and how do go about creating this? Where do we draw a line and do we start by cleaning our own blog site first? Or is freedom of speech is curbed if we adhere to the rules of decency ? Or is it boring?

I wonder what you feel.

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