Brief Encounters

I have just been watching that wonderful classic film,again.

Though it was made a long time ago, am not exactly sure but it must be at least fifty years ago. Human emotions never change though. So how hard it is to follow the right path and just give  in to the one thing which suddenly makes you feel intoxicated,heady and happy. You suddenly feel as if you are walking on air. The realisation that there is someone who thinks that you are still beautiful and he/she finds you desirable.

It is said that you can not help who you fall in love with,or who you are attracted to, it is the one and the only thing which makes your feel alive again. So why do we condemn it or put all sorts of barriers in the way?

You get married when you are quite young and inexperienced, then especially us women, we give the best years of our life to child bearing and rearing,keeping house and generally looking after everything and everyone, forgetting all your own needs. You live from day to day just going through the routine of life and its grind.

And then suddenly one day you bump into someone,who suddenly makes you feel alive,vibrant and young again. Society though denies you the right to that happiness. You can not even enjoy each others company. I could cry for the heroine in that film, she has to do her duty and deny herself that happiness.

Though it is a taboo but the popularity of that film after all those years shows that we all recognise that moment of madness, that passion which ignites something in us, gives that moment of madness,however brief it may be, but it is life changing.

That film must awaken something in all of us,as we are never tired of watching it ,( I know that I am not sure how would I be), If such a chance came our way I wonder how we will react? Will we shun it,embrace it or just grasp it?

Or is such stuff only for movies?

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