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Who is Who?

Now that this site is up and running,well sort of , we all should sort of settle down? Or may be we have in our own ways. Well some have, I log in at times and the same people are arguing the same topics, they have been arguing since this site began!

Well the aim of this site is to entertain and what ever floats your boat as they say!

But I feel that the some are facing an identity crisis!

What puzzles me is the new names, i have no idea as to who is who, if some have to change their identities because they are unable to log on with the old ones then it will be nice if they said who they are, I do not see any harm in it, if not then can you please explain as to why you do not to?

We also have a lot of new comers who write very well, some sound as if they are polished journalists. I remember in the beginng Will Haven used to write here,I remember when he went travelling to India and wrote some great travel blogs,and now he writes on the Telegraph blogs. Good for him. There are quite a few very polished performers here now.

Sometimes one can make out

Then there are the old friends who are missing, are they here? People like MaryA, Tigerbrite, WW, RQ, The beekeeper, J Wilson, OZ, and many more. You all are missed .

Socome on Folks tell us who you are and what were you in your last “incarnation”! And those of yu if you know who is who then please enlighten us!

It will at least put me out of my misery, and miserable i am this evening,it has been a funny sort of day with nothing going right, so it is time something cheery happened!

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