Yes Prime Minister!

I found myself cringing at Mr Cameron’s “going to India in humility”. Why may I ask that statement made? A while ago we were so adept at breast beating ,that there was no statement made without being self loathing or feeling responsible or apologising. From Greg Dykes statement that the BBC was “hideously white” to whole police being institutionally racist.

But Our PM seems to take the self deprecation to a new level. From being the Junior partner of the USA, getting 1940 and 41 mixed up, he is now wringing his hands and pleading humility in India. A columnist in the Sunday paper was wondering that given the money Eton charges ,you would think he will get his historical facts right.

Now back to India.

India was ruled by many other nationalities through out its history. They all have left something which has only enriched that country and its culture.. From Moughals came the cuisine and the finest etiquettes and customs. The Aryans did the same. The British did a lot for that country,from the architecture to the railway network and the judiciary system. The language and a lots besides. As I was born in brought up in that country I know how much we benefited from the legacy of the Raj. The boarding schools and the whole education system is also a British legacy.

What makes me cringe is that now that the PM is on a mission to gain trade from that country, and as he is not tired of repeating the mantra of India being the new economic power,it really is embarrassing to say that “I come in humility”would this “humility” have been expressed if the sub continent was not hid=s “new economic power”?

India may be an economic power,but still 80% of its population lives in dire powerty, the corruption is rife and still about 40% of children are under nourished and have no educational provision.

The UK is still giving aid to India, I would have liked the PM to broach the subject of that money,does a country which has made nuclear bomb, sent a satellite in the space and pays millions of pounds to its cricket players desrve our aid when we have our own public services curbed?

There is a joke in some circles in India, about the money the UK has been paying for years for sanitary provisions, to build lavatories in the city of Bombay, but so far not a single one has even been started construction,but the money keeps coming in!

Somehow the cartoon by Garland in the DT the other day has stuck in my mind, Mr Cameron sitting on the bench, posing outside the Taj Mahal,looking all coy,with a huge begging bowl in his hand.


As a British citizen of Indian origin am very embarrassed by the “humility” shown by our PM, I wonder he would have said it if India was not getting so rich ?

i wonder.

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