Brave New World.

I have just been reading a blog by Shane Richmond.

Remember him? Once he was very involved with MT and then became the digital and technologies editor I think.

Anyway our Shane knows a lot about gadgets and technologies and phones and computer, as he should given his title, and writes some very informative blogs, which are quite easy to understand, thought the gadget may be way above my head.

Anyway today he is writing about mobile phone, and says that they are not meant to be for making calls or holding conversations.

Yes you heard me right, it seems they are for texting, taking photos, surfing the net and “twittering” and visiting the social network sites. He says he makes so few calls that he has down graded his contract. according to Shane, talking is intrusive, as when you call someone you don’t know if the other person is receptive, free to talk or even want to talk.

I expect he has a point,of course you don’t know if the other person is free to take your call,or wants to talk to you,but he can say so, cant he?

Am quite alarmed at the thought of conversation going out of fashion, I love talking and listening. I think we as human beings were made to interact with each other , talk, laugh love and cry together.

Another thought crossed my mind, young people and teenagers are known to grunt, and they are the ones who spent a lot of time and money on these gadgets, how will they learn the art of conversation? The way to respect and get to know another human being?

It is easier to insult someone, or make a pass in message or on the social networking sites,you are not face to face with them. How will they learn the personal responsibility of their actions?

So how many of you have given up using “voice calls” as the author calls them?

And is this a good thing?

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