Another year.

Am another year older today!

Thank you am having a good day, but this morning before getting up I was thinking if birthdays should be a reason for celebrating or to lament the passing of another year,or shortening your life span with another year.

I often wonder when and why people started celebrating the day of their birth? Why is there a reason to do so? The delicate minded among us feel down that another year has left a few more grey hairs,a wrinkle or two and you have to think hard to remember if you have done anything of note or achieved something in the year which has just gone by?

Life is a strange thing, you have no control over its passing,and most of the time the surprises,sometimes good and bad it dishes out. We are mere puppets dancing to another’s tune,I feel . The same way the years tick by,you only get older and frailer and can not do the things you used to,then what is their to celebrate?

I have just received the most beautiful flowers and a present from daughter and my new son in law, a friend is taking me out to lunch to one of the most beautiful gardens for lunch,and am wondering why is this the case? Why the passing of another year should be celebrated?

Can anyone tell me why and when this custom started and what are we celebrating?

Oh by the way Happy Birthday to Janh, and of course President Obama,he is 49 today.

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