Life,the universe…

There are certain occasions in life which concentrate your mind on things which matter, and make you realise that most of the time in our lives is spent chasing shadows.

I attended a funeral yesterday. In a small seaside town . In  a very small church. Though the deceased was an atheist and in keeping with his wishes his parents chose a ‘non religious” service, I felt the place was full of peace and tranquility.

It was raining outside, and the mist and something like fog has made the day seem darker and sadder. The Vicar gave a short sermon, saying that he knew that the family and many others present were “without faith”. And said that for the last 40 years of his life,he had had no faith,so he understood. But he thanked those who came to share the grief,and pay respect and wished everyone peace.

I felt it was wonderful that one could use a place of worship for a memorial service and not be obliged to accept the doctrine or conform to its rituals.

This made me wonder as to how much of our life is spent in arguments,jealousy and hatred. In efforts to be seen as the best person around and in material pursuits. And then suddenly it all seems futile, when you are no more. I suppose as long as one has to live this life one has to conform to the rat race!

What really touched me was, when I was reading the notices in the church hall, a prominent notice for donations from Christian Aid,for the Pakistani floods.

After reading so much about the desecration of churches and persecution of some Christians, by certain groups in Pakistan, it moved me to see that notice. If there is a reason to celebrate religion ,that was it. Forgiveness, mercy and charity,at least that was they are meant to teach, but as human beings we should have these qualities anyway.

The best attributes of human race. They act as a tonic,even when you are in the midst of gloom.

My Ginger lily is now flowering !

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