Age and Attitude

Should and do we modify our behaviour as we grow older?

I ask as am conscious that this month has added another year to my life, or  rather subtracted another year, if we are talking about hurtling towards the end of life. Grey is showing in my hair and it takes me a lot longer to look present able. Well to no one in particular but to myself! I have a standard to keep. I must be pleased with my reflection before I step out.

So as one gets older you stop getting compliments, even the builders on scaffoldings, stay silent or just quietly whistle to themselves. Husbands who never are in the forefront of paying compliments (mine is in a league of his own when it comes to noticing anything,he just does not!),and it feels like an eternity  since anyone  looked at you with admiration.

So what is the etiquette then for a “matured” woman? Should she just shrug her shoulders and consider herself beautiful anyway or should she look for compliments? I often wonder how it is that men seem to look better and better as they age, the grey hair makes them look distinguished, the wrinkles add character and the few extra pounds add to their status. Whereas we women fret and worry and fight the advancing years. I used to think that surely having gone through the life one should become a  very interesting personality, with strong and varying views on life the universe and everything! But is that enough? may be not. And it is this maybe which sends us in the search of that elusive beauty.

And how should a woman behave if by any chance some compliments come her way? I know that i melt and smile rather coyly ! And then I will rush off to the nearest mirror and look at myself from various angles to verify if there was any truth in the comment. Or was the commentator  just being kind. I have no way of knowing,but for my own comfort I like to think that he might be telling,if not all, but some truth.

So what it is that makes us crave the approval of others, should we not by our middle years be in a position to not worry about it at all? And how come it is mostly women (am I being sexist here,are men not given to vanity ever?).

I will tell you a secret, last month somebody wrote some very flattering things,in an email to me, I was chuffed and elated, and then I began to think as to why have I not got a more matured and worldly wise attitude by now, should I not change with my age, and is it true that it is only women who succumb to flattery of a certain kind?

Am sure it is a sign of weakness,what you think?

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