The Blame Game

Another day and another story about a politicians life.

I cringed reading William Hague’s statement,replying to the gossip about his sexuality. In my opinion it is too much information. I can imagine how excruciating this must have been for his wife. Having a miscarriage is a traumatic business.having lost my first pregnancy , I do know how much.

As we know the blogsphere is not regulated,anyone can say what they want about another’s personal or sexual life. Close to home we have lost some good bloggers on this site because either their personal details were published or  they were accused of doing something which is considered not proper.

I for one do not wish to know about the sex life of our government ministers,nor do I want to know if a blogger here is a stripper or call girl or does something unconventional for living? The answer is NO.

This is a blog site,we are here to discuss matters which matter to us as citizens of this country,not spying and finding out what a certain person has done last night or the night before.

I feel that the internet has opened an arena where everyone is a fair game, gossiping and casting aspersions has never been so easy or so far reaching. Then again the politicians sometimes consider talking about their private and sex life will get them “close to the people”. I feel a trend was started after Princess Diana confessed it all on the television. The programme had the biggest audience ever,since then we have had MPs posing in the Hello magazine with their various girl friends (Cheeky or otherwise!) and some like Blunket and Prescot writing about it in their memoirs. I hear that Tony Blair describes his night of passion with his wife in his new book. Oh dear I thought he had enough material to fill the pages without having to resort to sex.

So on the one hand the politicians are not blameless in inviting this kind of scrutiny,but are blogsites right in allowing all and sundry to publish anything about anyone?

Because let us face it,it is us the public who can censor it by not lapping it up and asking for more,because the press complaints commission,as the name implies only regulates the “Press”, and the blog sites do not come into it.

Is this the right use of freedom of speech?

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