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I hear that a national children’s charity has picked three bloggers from a website and have flown them to Bangladesh, so they could blog about the conditions  and the plight of the children there.

I remember last month or so the charity World Vision was looking for bloggers,to go to an African country and report from there ,and they did. I did read their blogs on this site, but never saw many comments.

A thinking behind this  is, that the future of journalism and the best way to reach the masses is in “blogdom”, in the last few years the internet and the blogsites have cornered the market and proved that they are a force to reckon with

As the sites are also  free, more people tend to read blogs ,than buy a newspaper , it is also convenient,as one can browse quickly,even while at work.

So having established that we as bloggers have great powers, to express our views and to have a world wide audience,what would we like to publicise/ change or rail against?

Sometimes reading this site,including the Telegraph blogs,it doesn’t feel as if  the writers/commentators are aware of their world wide exposure,or it is because they are so passionate and so convinced about being right that they do not care what they say!

Anyway am not here to criticise or censor anyone,there are people paid to do this , and good luck to them.

I would however like to know,what cause would YOU like to adopt and publicise and change?

And while you re at it,who would you like to nominate to do what?  For example , what should I be involved in? And can you think of any other blogger  who will good at this job?

Like Square Peg (where are you?) and Amicus could be sent to look at spellings and the usage and abuse of the English language!

Marya to go and report on schools and report if children are being encouraged to be creative.

Any suggestions welcome ,suitable or otherwise!

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