Religious freedom

A lot has been said today about religious freedom or the lack of it. Radio Five live asked its listeners if Christians were discriminated against in this country,and another radio station was asking if there was too much religion in the UK.

What do you think?

As far as discrimination against Christians goes,in this country I can understand why they feel that this is the case. There have been cases like the BA employee who was banned from wearing a cross,and the nurse who was disciplined for offering to pray for a dying patient, and when some councils ban Christmas decorations ,because “it might offend the minorities”.

Who are these minorities who will be offended? Surely not the likes  of me or the people I know. Why is this term banded about in my name?  And who are the people who make such decisions without any “ethnic minority’ ever asking for it? I can not remember any one ever demanding such concessions. Am sure someone will correct me if am wrong.

People who come from the sub-Continent are used to existing with other religions. India has many castes and beliefs,and as people are on the whole religious and God fearing,they respect them. No one ever condemns another’s deity, or denies them what ever they do to follow their faith.

In my household, my husband has a belief, am indifferent. Our son does not believe nor does his wife,but my daughter’s husband is a Roman Catholic,and she respects the traditions and beliefs of his family.

We all respect each others feelings/beliefs and live in relative peace. There is more conflict during a game of Scrabble or Monopoly ;than there is ever about religion or the lack of it in our household.

So why all this conflict? Why can we let everyone follow whatever doctrine they want to,as long as it is not harming another? Why do we have to condemn or insult them? Why did the previous government felt it necessary to declare that “we don’t do God”?

Or am being too simplistic?

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