Eating Places

Ot restaurants as they are called.

We all have different tastes when it comes to eating out. Sometimes it is the ambiance, or the price but we all like to have a “good time” as we call it when out for a meal.

In places like India, when I was little,  it was not the norm to go and eat out. Eating out in”hotels” as they were known was not the done thing. Instead dinner parties were common at least in my family.  Once a week my parents either went out to one or one was held at our house,the same was true of our family and friends. Most eating places were poorly maintained tea houses, which served tea which has been on the boil for ever,or un hygienically cooked basic food,and there was a huge stigma attached for the middle classes,to be seen there.

By the time I was a teenager, the city of Hyderabad where I was growing up,changed. From being a very conservative Muslim state,under the rule of the Nizam , it became an open sort of cosmopolitan city. It became Andhra Pradesh,a large state taking in many more cities,and a lot of Hindus from there arrived and changed the face Hyderabad.

They were very enterprising people,successful businessmen, new restaurants and coffee and tea houses opened up and suddenly eating out was all the rage. More colleges opened, more women went for higher education and came out of the “Purdah” or the four walls of the home, and suddenly these places were throbbing with young energy and fun.

When I came to England in the 1970,eating out was something you very occasionally did,it was too expensive,there were not that many  places and you thought that home cooked food was the best.

Now there is a variety of cuisine available,it is relatively cheap,and you can not pick up a weekend newspaper without reading at least two reviews of places to eat. Television programmes are full of the likes of Jamie Olivers and Gordon Ramseys who are testing and rewarding such establishments and you can eat anything from Sushi to the most obscure dish from Poland.

We love trying out new places at least once a month. Usually recommended by guides, critics and friends.

Though sometimes you do lose out! Like one or two very highly recommended places we went to,which turned to be very very high in price ,but low in taste. Am sure you all have had similar experiences.

So how about us exchanging our own ideas about the best place to eat,and why? It could be in your area or anywhere else. It could be a good discussion point and helpful too! Oh and the bad experiences too I think.

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