Loving and Living

A new website has just been launched, which is only meant for married couple, where they can find members of the opposite sex to be friendly with.

I heard the person responsible being interviewed on the radio. He says that for a small fees you can join in and flirt! He said that “everybody was doing it, Princes,cabinet ministers and and lords.they all are at it”! So what is wrong with ordinary people having a bit of fun.

I have heard a lot lately about husbands leaving for a younger model. Only the other day I met someone,who looked as if she has lost massive amount of weight in a very short space of time.

What happened to you? I asked.

Her answer was that her husband has left her for an older woman,two months ago and she has just lost about 2 stones due to the trauma. A neighbour has suffered the same fate, and I hear the number of men leaving for a younger woman is on at an all time high.And they all are middle and late middle age men and women.

So why is it? Is it the that it was always the case,but it was not reported/talked about and now we hear of it a lot more?

I often wonder if it is due to the fact that we are living a lot longer,it is a long time to be married to the same person,or is it because we are less tolerant of our spouse’s faults and want out? I can imagine it must be very flattering to have the attention of a younger man/woman, and in the process it must make us feel young? Or is it because  we are not willing to put up with things we do not like any longer?

May be because we no longer want to suffer in silence,and people want to spend,what life is left with someone they enjoy being with,and snatch a bit of happiness.

So are such websites such a bad idea? After all they are providing a legitimate platform for people to look for a match,either for friendship or for a possible fling, which might or might not lead anywhere?

I will try and find the website and post a link ,in case you want to see what it is all about!

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