Did you hear the research that we can face midlife crisis as early as in our thirties?

So what is it?

The scientists do not give us a definition,they just say that it makes us behave erratically,and we do things we would not otherwise do. Trying to cast my mind back, I came to the conclusion that I might have done silly things at possibly every stage in life. As they say hindsight is a great thing. But I can not remember doing anything especially erratic in my middle years. May be thinking that I can write, and blogging could be described as a rash decision, but apart from that nothing else springs to mind.

They say men are more prone to doing things , they would not otherwise do once they reach middle age. Like there are far too many cases of men changing cars and spouses for a newer,and more expensive model. One man I recently spoke to said,he only left his wife of many years because she has become too thrifty, where as his new girl friend “loves to spend” ,the same way as his new car guzzles up gas as if it was going out of fashion! I suppose it is possible to get fed up with a life of routine and caution.

But is it our hormones which make us do such things or is it that we just feel like a change? In an article today Dalrymple questions the wisdom of blaming everything on genes/hormones. Talking about the debate on the Attention deficient disorder,he argues that it is too easy to abdicate responsibility and blame everything on our genes. I was astonished to hear a lady say on a phone in yesterday,that she was so relieved that it is now established the AHAD is genetic,because she has Eight children (five of them do not “have” a father) and as seven of them are in prison or under curfew ,they all must inherit this condition! And as she herself, her husband and her father have been in trouble with the law,this must run in the families.

Sorry am being flippant here, but my point is can we blame everything on our genes, our midlife crisis due to the fluctuation of dwindling hormones, or is it that sometimes we just do things at the spur of the moment,and regret later,and should take responsibility for it?

So have you suffered/are suffering or about to have the midlife crisis? Is there such a thing and can you recall doing something which you later attributed to your midlife whats not?

Remember you do not have to own up to being middle age either,as it can happen,am told in your mid-thirties too.

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